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H&M's Line stamp

H&M's Line stamp

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H&M’s Tattoo 上野スタジオは、通常通り営業しておりますが、以下のご協力をいただきますようお知らせいたします。






ご来店の際は、必ずお電話、H&M’s Lineにて連絡の上ご来店下さい。


H&M’s 上野スタジオ


H&M TATTOO SHOP Ueno Studio is currently open on regular business hours.

Mon-Fri: 2pm-8pm

Sat &Sun: 2pm-8pm

*We are on-call and sometimes away from the studio.  For anyone looking to come for a visit, an email in advance is required:


However, we ask that you follow the following restrictions (COVID-19):
1. We can and will refuse service to anyone with any symptoms.
2. Upon arrival, you must be wearing a mask.
3. Upon arrival, please sanitize your hands.
4. For those who have secured appointments and have or had symptoms, rescheduling is required.
5. For the time being, we will take appointments only.
For anyone coming to visit, an email in advance is required:
We apologize for the inconvenience, thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

H&M TATTOO Ueno Studio

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